Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

11 years ago, also in December, Prof. Hsu and I hosted the second EASO meeting in Taipei. I still remember it vividly: that was a wonderful gathering of otologists from five different countries, and we exchanged knowledge and enjoyed friendship and good wines at that time. In 2021, it is our turn to be the host of the 7th EASO again. I hereby cordially invite all of you to visit Taipei—the familiar yet rapidly changing city—and to join the largest event of otology in Asia.

In recent years, as the organizing city or countries circled around between Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, we also witnessed the growth and expansion of this Conference. Starting from the few otologists from the initial 5 countries, last year in Seoul there were more than 400 participants from 40 different countries. Furthermore, the scope of the meeting has extended to Audiology and Neurotology. The EASO has become the hallmark meeting of the ear–related sciences in Asia. Of course, in 2021, our team will do our best to make sure it stays that way.

In 2020, we face the huge attack from coronavirus pandemic, although we cannot predict when this pandemic will end, we are very sure we’ll overcome this crisis and recover from it to become much stronger. The organizing committee of 7th EASO hopes every one of you is staying safe and healthy.

The scientific program of the 7th EASO will consist of 4 keynote speeches and 12 symposium sessions featuring top speakers from Asia and USA. The topics will include cutting-edge clinical and basic research in the field related to otology. Also, I strongly believe that all participants will contribute significantly to the academic level of this meeting.

Finally, and again! I would like to welcome everyone to participate in the meeting next year, for an enjoyable, academically fulfilling event, and most importantly, to refresh our long-term friendships between the attendants.


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