Tentative Program

Keynote Speakers:

Konstantina M. Stankovic
Massachusetts Eye and Ear, USA

Topic: TBD

Tetsuya Tono
Miyazaki University, Japan


1) Introduction to the EAONO/JOS staging system for middle ear cholesteatoma and the IOOG categorization for tympanomastoid surgery

2) Management of Mixed hearing loss

Sung Won Chae
Department, Otorhinolaryngology-head and Neck Surgery, Korea University Guro Hospital, Korea

Topic: Development vestibular rehabilitation device using AR & VR technology

Joshua, Kuang-Chao Chen
Auditory Implant Center, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan


1) Management of inner ear cystic malformation

2) Early activation in CI operation


1. Audiology & Electrophysiology
2. Auditory Implants
3. Basic Research
4. Congenital Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implant
5. Current issues (or controversies) on Cochlear Implantation
6. Endoscopic Ear Surgery
7. Eustachian Tube
8. External Ear
9. Facial Nerve
10. Genetics
11. Hyperacusis
12. Microtia
13. Middle Ear Surgery
14. Otologic Issues of the Geriatric Patient
15. Perilymphatic Fistula
16. Pulsatiletinnitus
17. Sensorineural Hearing Loss
18. Skull Base
19. Stapessurgery
20. Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence
21. Tinnitus
22. Upcoming Future of Otology
23. Vestibular Disease
24. Vestibular Evaluation and Tests
25. Vestibular Stimulation

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